Manners training includes behaviors such as sit, down, stay, walking on a loose leash, leave it and go to place. We will start this training in the comfort of your own home and as we build confidence move it outdoors and to more distracting environments.


K9 Nose Work is a fun search and scent activity and sport that all dogs and their people can really enjoy. Searches can be done anywhere you and your dog can go. Your dog will build confidence and focus while putting his natural abilities to work. This is a sport for dogs of all ages. It is a wonderful way to build a stronger bond with your canine companion.

"My dogs and I adore Cyndy! We attend K9 Nose Work training/fun sessions with Absolutely Spot On as often as possible. Not only does she make it an exciting and fun learning experience every single week, she's got incredible insight and advice for keeping my dogs motivated, overcoming obstacles, leash-handling, and learning to relax and trust that my dogs know what they're doing in all sorts of fun and unique new environments."

- Brandy Arnold